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Tim Timberlake is an American pastor, author, and evangelist. He serves as the senior pastor of Celebration Church in Jacksonville, Florida, alongside his wife and mother.

Known for his dynamic preaching style and inspirational messages, Timberlake leads Celebration Church, a multi-campus church with a significant impact. He has been in ministry for many years, earning respect for his passion for Jesus Christ and commitment to helping people lead purposeful lives.

Beyond his pastoral role, Tim Timberlake is a successful author, focusing on practical insights for Christian living. His books cover themes like faith, personal growth, and discovering one’s purpose in God.

Tim Timberlake is also recognized for his motivational speaking, having shared his insights and experiences at conferences, events, and churches across the United States and internationally.


Tim Timberlake was born into a family deeply dedicated to religious observance. His parents, Pastor Mack and Brenda Timberlake, are globally recognized. Growing up with these charismatic, inspiring, and influential figures provided Tim with ideal role models, and he now shares that same message with everyone who listens to him.

At the age of 20, after completing college, Tim Timberlake accepted God’s call to full-time ministry, marking the beginning of his career as a pastor. Although he still oversees his church in North Carolina, in 2019, he transitioned to lead a large church in Jacksonville, Florida.


Pastor Timberlake was born on January 27, 1984.


Tim Timberlake received his education at the Detroit, Michigan-based Pistis School of Ministry.


Jennifer Timberlake is the wife of Pastor Tim. Before becoming the Senior Pastor at Celebration Church, both Pastor Tim and Jennifer served as lead pastors at the Christian Faith Center in Creedmoor, North Carolina.

Pastor Tim, along with his wife Jen and son Maxwell, now lives in Jacksonville, Florida.


Tim Timberlake serves as the Senior Pastor at Celebration Church. With his skillful teaching and communication, Pastor Tim connects with people from all walks of life. Through insightful Bible teaching and a sense of humor, he empowers listeners and readers to transform their lives from the inside out. Pastor Tim appreciates the simple things, loves sports, and is widely recognized as a thought leader.

Known for his ability to communicate and teach effectively, Tim engages diverse audiences through in-depth Bible teaching, humor, and guidance from the Holy Spirit.

Tim is also an expert in leadership, using his powerful speaking abilities to uplift and inspire in situations where hope seems lost.

His reputation has made Tim a sought-after figure globally, attracting attention from businesses, events, sports, celebrities, and churches. His compelling message and well-known trajectory make him a go-to inspiration for individuals in various industries.

Businesses often hire him as a speaker to motivate their staff, tapping into his expertise in inspiring others. Athletes and celebrities also turn to him as a teacher and spiritual mentor, recognizing his ability to bring out the best in people, regardless of public perception.


  1. Firm Foundation
  2.  Don’t abandon the process
  3. He’s Building
  4. Trauma Treatment
  5. The Miracle in the mismatch
  6. There Has To Be Another Way
  7. I Changed My Mind
  8. I ain’t there yet
  9. It’s Deeper Than That
  10. A Life Beyond You


  1. The Power of 1440: Making the Most of Every Minute in a Day
  2. Abandon: Laying Aside Your Plan for God’s Purpose
  3. The Art of Overcoming: Letting God Turn Your Endings Into Beginnings

Net Worth

Pastor Tim Timberlake net worth cannot be estimated as of the time of this publication.

Social Media

You can find Tim Timberlake on the following social media platforms:

  1. Instagram: @ttimberlake
  2. Twitter: @TimTimberlake

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

In this section, I would provide you with frequently asked questions and answers on Tim Timberlake Biography. Keep on reading friend!

1. Who is Tim Timberlake?

Tim Timberlake is an American pastor, author, and evangelist. He is the Senior Pastor of Celebration Church in Jacksonville, Florida.

2. What is Tim Timberlake known for?

Tim Timberlake is known for his dynamic preaching style, inspirational messages, and leadership as the Senior Pastor of Celebration Church.

3. How did Tim Timberlake get involved in ministry?

Tim Timberlake acknowledged God’s call to full-time ministry at the age of 20 after completing college, marking the beginning of his career as a pastor.

4. What is Tim Timberlake’s approach to ministry and leadership?

Tim Timberlake is known for his passion for Jesus Christ and commitment to helping people lead purposeful lives. He is an influential leader, author, and motivational speaker.

5. Is Tim Timberlake involved in any other organizations or initiatives?

Tim Timberlake is involved in various initiatives, including his role as the lead pastor of Celebration Church and his work with non-profit organizations focused on changing lives through Christ.

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