Pastor Vlad Savchuk: Biography, Age, Net Worth, Family, Career and Achievements

Pastor Vlad Savchuk is a Ukrainian/American pastor, author, and internet personality. He is well-known for leading the ministry at Hungry Generation, a thriving church located in Pasco, Washington, USA.

Born in Ukraine, Pastor Vlad immigrated to the United States in 2001. Together with his wife Lana, he established Hungry Generation in 2007. The church has since grown significantly, gaining recognition for its lively worship, passionate preaching, and a strong commitment to reaching the younger generation.

Guided by Pastor Vlad’s leadership, Hungry Generation has evolved into a diverse and multicultural community, dedicated to serving people from various backgrounds. The church has a notable online presence through its YouTube channel, where Pastor Vlad’s sermons attract a global audience.

Pastor Vlad Savchuk is celebrated for his energetic and relatable preaching style, addressing relevant topics and challenges faced by young people today. His messages often include personal testimonies of his own transformation, resonating with many who listen to his teachings.


Vladmir Savchuk was born in a Christian home in Ukraine. At 13, his family moved to the United States, and by the age of 16, he became a youth pastor.

Since infancy, Pastor Vlad has had a weak left eye. At the age of ten, he underwent his first eye surgery to fix the issue, but it was unsuccessful in resolving the problem.

Upon moving to the United States, Vlad experienced bullying due to his eyes, earning him a nickname related to his weak eye.


Pastor Vlad is believed to be in his thirties, but we do not have specific information about his exact date of birth.


Pastor Vlad graduated from Pasco Senior High in 2007. He became a youth pastor at the age of 16 while attending high school. Currently, he is pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Religion/Religious Studies at Faith International University.

Family Life

He is happily married to Lana, and they enjoy spending time together and doing ministry. The Christian couple exchanged vows on August 21, 2010, and in 2022, they will celebrate 13 years of marriage soon. As of now, they do not have any children.


Vladimir Savchuk is the founder of the HungryGen movement and the pastor of a multicultural church with a clear vision for the upliftment of young people and the salvation of souls, healing, and deliverance.

He leads the annual Raised to Deliver conference, drawing thousands of attendees from all around the world. Pastor Vlad oversees three different internships and is a popular speaker at meetings and summer camps.

Under Pastor Vlad’s creative leadership, Hungry Generation Church has developed an anointed internship program and an international worship culture, guided by the Holy Spirit. He is a skilled speaker addressing spiritual topics like deliverance, spiritual conflict, and the Holy Spirit.

In 2020, Pastor Vlad launched Vladimir Savchuk Ministries, where he serves as the senior pastor. The ministry’s mission is to equip believers worldwide with free digital spiritual resources to fulfill God’s plan for their lives.


Pastor Vlad is an accomplished author. Some of his published works include;

  1. Fight Back: Moving From Deliverance To Dominion
  2. Break Free; How To Get Free And Stay Free
  3. Single, ready To Mingle
  4. Walking In The Holy Spirit
  5. Single, ready To Mingle (Russian Edition)
  6. Spirit-Filled Jesus
  7. Spirit-Filled Jesus (Portuguese Edition)
  8. From Secret Sin To Secret Place
  9. Frequently Asked Questions About Deliverance
  10. Break Free; How To Get Free And Stay Free (Vietnamese Edition)
  11. Host The Holy Ghost


Here are some of pastor Vlad’s sermons for the year that you would love to listen to;

  1. What To Do While Waiting
  2. How To Get Your passion for God Back
  3. Stop Doing This! It’s A Trap!
  4. How To Know God’s Will For Your Life
  5. When Life Is Not Fair
  6. 3 Marks of A Disciple
  7. God Is With You Even When You Don’t Feel Him
  8. Develop depth with God
  9. Surrender To The Holy Spirit
  10. How To Renew Your Spiritual Strength

Net Worth

Pastor Vlad Savchuk net worth is not known. however, his major source of income comes from his books and his pastoral work.

Social Media

You can find Pastor Vlaf Savchuk on the following social media platforms:

  1. Instagram: @vladhungrygen
  2. Facebook:  @Vlad Savchuk
  3. YouTube: Vlad Savchuk

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