April Osteen Simons: Biography, Age, Net Worth, Family, Career and Achievements

April Osteen Simons is a pastor, author, and speaker from the United States. She is also a life coach and motivational speaker. Additionally, she is the creator of the “House of Hope series” on YouTube.


April O. Simons was born in 1967 to John and Dodie Osteen. Her parents, John and Dodie Osteen, founded Lakewood Church and led it for over four decades before passing it on to her brother, Joel Osteen. Joel Osteen is a well-known American pastor, and April is his sister.

Now, April serves as the senior pastor of High Point Church, where she co-pastors with her husband, Gary Simons.


April Osteen Simons was born in 1967.

Family Life

Pastor Gary Simons is April Osteen Simons’ husband, and they have been married for about 25 years. Together, they started the High Point Church in Arlington, Texas.

The couple has five children: Ariella, Christiana, Elliana, Savannah, and Garrison. Christiana, their oldest, has a son named Dean Levi. Garrison, their son, has a daughter named Penelope. In total, they are also blessed with two grandchildren.


Pastor April is a popular motivational speaker, traveling widely to share her inspiring, humorous, and spiritually focused talks with people worldwide. She hosts a weekly podcast called “Better” and has a YouTube series called “House of Hope.” Additionally, she often appears on the Joni Table Talk program on the Daystar Television Network.

To promote her book, “Better Than Ever,” April went on a Motivation and Success tour across Canada.

April and her husband, Gary, established the “Siete Pilares para Las Naciones,” guiding church leaders and pastors in Latin America with the seven pillars of life.


April wrote a bestselling book called “Better Than Ever: Get Your Happy Back, Stress Less, and Enjoy Every Day.”

In her book, April Osteen Simons tells us that every day, we can choose to focus on the positive and avoid the negative. By being grateful for what we have, concentrating on our goals, and remembering that God is with us and wants the best for us, we can take steps to live a happier, healthier, and more hopeful life.


  • Getting Back In The Game
  • The In-Between Times
  • Better Than Ever
  • Make Your Life Better Than Ever
  • Things You Will Never Hear God Say
  • Good Medicine
  • Make Today Better

Net Worth

April Osteen Simons is estimated to have a net worth of about t $500,000 USD.

Social Media

You can find April Osteen Simons on the following social media platforms:

  1. Instagram: @aprilosimons
  2. Twitter: @AprilOSimons

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