Amie Dockery: Biography, Age, Net Worth, Family, Career and Achievements

Amie Dockery is an American pastor and experienced public speaker. She’s an author and a survivor of breast cancer. Right now, she serves as the Senior Associate Pastor of Covenant Church, where she looks after more than 14,000 members. Amie leads a team of 135 staff and pastors and coordinates ministry efforts across 5 campuses.


Amie grew up in a Christian home as the only daughter of Pastor Mike and Kathy Hayes, who founded Covenant Church when she was just two years old. Except for her life in ministry, Amie has known nothing else.

Now, she is the Lead Pastor of Covenant Church in Dallas, Texas, overseeing thousands of weekly attendees at four locations in North Texas and online. Amie’s deep love for people and her knowledge of Scriptures come together to share the good news in new and refreshing ways.

With her unique ability to make messages easily understood and her entertaining real-life experiences, Amie inspires people to overcome challenges and realize their full potential.


Amie Dockery was born in 1974.


Amie Dockery graduated from Lee University in Cleveland, TN, earning her Bachelor’s Degree.

Family Life

Stacey Dockery is Amie Dockery’s husband. They met in college and got married in 1995. Stacey, like Amie, is a preacher’s son, but he didn’t feel called to be a preacher himself.

The couple has four children and currently resides in the Dallas, TX, area.


Amie took on the roles of an author and entrepreneur while raising young children. Despite initially aiming to be a journalist, her love for language and study led her to teach at her parents’ church.

Motivated by her desire to help people experience life to the fullest, Amie wrote five novels, three devotionals, and a book study. She honed her leadership skills managing a significant non-profit and creating the Flourish conference, attracting tens of thousands of women worldwide.

Amie’s unique understanding of the Word of God, along with her strategic intuition, imaginative revelation, and prophetic edge, sets her apart. She excels as a speaker and writer by connecting historical figures to the present and instilling hope for the future.

What makes Amie stand out is her fearlessness in addressing important and challenging issues facing Christians today, thanks to her insightful perspective. She has a particular passion for ministering to women. Amie encourages individuals to surpass their current circumstances and realize their full potential, using her special ability to make her message vivid and share amusing real-life stories.


She is the author of

  • On Daddy’s Shoulders,
  • Designing Your Dream Husband and the
  • When Women book ,and
  • Bible Study trilogy: When Women Worship, When Women War and When Women Reign.

Net Worth

Amie Dockery net worth is not disclosed to the public. However, we will update this blog post as soon as it’s being disclosed.

Social Media

You can find Amie Dockery on the following social media platforms:

  1. Facebook: Amie Dockery
  2. Instagram: Amie Dockery
  3. Twitter (X): Amie Dockery

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